The soft pitter-patter of wild paws will charm you as Lorne’s costal bush land comes to life. Koalas, swamp wallabies, ring-tailed possums, grey kangaroos  and yellow-bellied gliders frolic gracefully as even one glimpse will have you bursting with appreciation.

Leon Walker Photography Koala2

Extensive forests remain as sanctuaries for animals and the town itself if not a haven for all.  A bird watchers paradise native species are abundant, including illustrious kookaburras, rosellas, parrots and more. Observe mischievous Australian seals waddle, tumble and lumber off rocks as Southern right whales breach playfully right before your eyes. 

Top 6 places to spot wildlife

1. Kangaroos

Play a round of golf at Lorne Golf Course and share the occasion with the resident population of eastern gray Kangaroos. Not much of a golfer? Stay the night at one of Lorne’s luxurious hotels and awake to joyous joeys bounding about St George River.

2. Glowworms

Visit Allenvale Mill site or Sheoak Picnic ground to see hundreds of tiny glowworms gleaming and twinkling amongst a magical forest setting. Their mythical light creates a truly enchanted effect. Image: Leon Walker

3. Sammy the Seal

Say hello to local resident Sammy the seal at Lorne Pier. The finest fisherman going around, Sammy may even show you how to catch a fish…or steal one! Image: Leon Walker

4. Whales

Whales can often be seen from Lorne beach, Point Grey or Teddy’s lookout, frolicking freely and spurting water with their young.

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5. Koalas

Spot cute Koalas nestling sluggishly amongst the gums at Teddy’s lookout. Sometimes spotted at Lorne’s very own information centre, it’s best to keep your eyes peeled for these stealthy creatures at all times. Image: Leon Walker

6. Platypuses

You may discover more than just handsome facades on the St George River walk. Keep your eyes on the water as cheeky platypuses plummet and dive within the shallow streams below.

Watching the birds

Native Australian Species

For bird watchers, Lorne is a paradise. Native Australian species plentiful including Kookaburras, Rosellas, King parrots and more. Marvel at ducks and egrets along Erskine waterway as Wedge Tail eagles put on a show above St George River.

White Cockatoos

White Cockatoos sing along the foreshore as rare swallows can be sighted at swallow cave.

Please help us to safeguard the welfare of Lorne’s wildlife and refrain from feeding the birds. Click for further information.