Ella Bourne is a model and actress who grew up along the Great Ocean Road and now resides in Los Angeles. 

We threw some questions at her to get the inside information about places that are nearest and dearest to her Aussie heart.

1. Best post surf coffee 'n food?

The Wye General Store! It has amazing coffee. But, there are some other little gems like the Kennett River General Store.

And, you can’t go past the Wye River Pub for a meal and the view! 

2. Best spots to watch the sun rise or set?

Depending where you are on the coast I love all the lookouts, but my top three would have to be:

3. Where to go to soothe the mind?

There are so many gorgeous little art galleries along the coast that really slow you down like at Aireys Inlet, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell.

And I like to clear my mind along any of the national park trails; there are so many along the Great Ocean Walk. 

4. Where to have fun?

Definitely surfing! Anywhere and everywhere! I also like kayaking with the seals in Apollo Bay. Other fun places include the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. There are also lots of great festivals throughout the year in the towns and villages.

5. Local secret in summer?

Definitely go to the summer Nightjar markets Torquay.

6. Best winter warmer?

The Winter Wild Music and Arts Festival in Apollo Bay.

7. Biggest secret for nature lovers?

The glow worms at the back of Kennett River. They are a spectacular site and a lot of people don't know they're there!

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