The story of William Buckley is a fascinating tale of survival against all odds. Buckley was born in Cheshire England in 1780 and was sent as a convict to a New South Wales colony as punishment for stealing a piece of cloth. Buckley escaped from HMS Calcutta in December 1803 off the shore of Sorrento and over time continued around the bay, eventually settling in our region. Buckley famously lived with the Wathaurong people, learning their language, customs, marrying and having a daughter. Eventually when Batman’s colonizing party arrived in 1835, Buckley finally emerged to meet them. At first he was unable to remember his own name and language identifying himself as the WB tattooed on his arm. He worked as an intermediary between the settlers and aborigines and was later employed as an interpreter to resolve disputes. William Buckley eventually died after an incident in January 1856, though his legacy lives on in the vernacular phrase “you’ve got Buckley’s or none”.