Four different Memorial Arch’s have to date stood over the Great Ocean Road. The first was at the site of  ‘the springs’ tollgate, near Cathedral rock.  It was later demolished in 1936 when tolls were removed. A second Great Ocean Road arch was constructed at Eastern view in 1939. The arch weighed fifty tonnes and stood until 1970 when the Country Road Board established it wanted to demolish the arch, as it was too narrow and a traffic hazard. Public outcry prevented the destruction, however it was soon completed free of charge by an unruly truck. In 1972 a third, arch was built at Eastern view however that was reduced to ashes’ by the fires of Ash Wednesday. Finally, a fourth and final Memorial Arch was built, where fortunately it still remains today.  There are two plaques displayed a tthe current site, one commemorating Major W.T.B. McCormack who was the engineer of the Great Ocean Road and the second in memory of those that served in the Great War.